The story of my curse

The story of how I hit every single technical issue or weird situation imaginable and am possibly cursed

I seem to have a weird ability to break software, and encounter issues with any technical device I use. On top of this, I seem to encounter ridiculously odd situations almost constantly in my day-to-day life. This is a growing list of these experiences, populated as they happen. A small number of major ones are mentioned from before this page was started, however I forget most due to the frequency at which these issues occur.

A few years back I was told by a distant relative that my family had been cursed by a nomadic group that travelled through the Greek islands, where my family was at the time. I was not told why, and don't believe in curses, however this has become a running joke to explain the frequency I experience absolute absurdity.

  • My bank account got de-synchronised

    Status: resolved

    I used to have a credit card with a local bank, that I used for a few re-occurring bills. One month I noticed that my payment wasn't going through, despite it stating it was successful. I also had a late payment fee from the prior month, whilst also having record that the payment was made.

    After going into a branch of this bank, they realised that the credit card department system and accounts department system had become de-synchronised with each other. My credit card was receiving the payments fine, but the accounts department had no record of the transactions taking place. On the credit card side, there was no late fee. On the accounts side, there was.

    After an hour in the branch, they had resolved the issue. Despite it being resolved, I kept getting phantom credit interest charges which they were unable to explain until I closed the account. After the account was closed I was able to get reimbursed for the erroneous fees.

  • I received a false-positive Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) ban

    Status: unresolved

    VAC is a fairly well known Anti-Cheat used by many games on the Steam platform. In 2014, I received a ban in the game Rust. A game which was at the time using another Anti-Cheat known as EasyAntiCheat. Meaning I got a ban from Anti-Cheat software that the game was not even actively using.

    VAC bans are notoriously permanent, and getting any information about them is next to impossible. Due to this, I can only speculate on what caused it. My running theory is a software debugger as I used to develop software whilst idling in Rust. I no longer write software while playing games that have Anti-Cheat systems for this reason.

  • Chrome DevTools breaks the internet for me

    Status: resolved

    There are numerous websites that do not function correctly for me when using Chrome DevTools. This is across multiple Chrome profiles, multiple computers, and even multiple operating systems. I can create a new profile on a new computer, and these issues will occur.

    A significant example, is the Clipchamp Create video editor. This is software that I work on as my occupation. No one else in the company experiences these issues, and we've been unable to debug why I in particular encounter this issue. If any Chrome developer reads this, the website starts loading until first paint, and then refreshes. Closing DevTools allows the site to load correctly, and it can be used fine if opened after loading has completed.

  • My >7k+ member Discord has been targeted with a permission-bypass twice

    Status: unknown

    On two separate occasions, bugs in Discord have been used to spam my Discord guild. The first was a bug in the way Discord handles Webhook permissions, allowing `@everyone` to be used. The second allowed a user to just use `@everyone` as themselves, not much is known about the cause of this aside from it being used on a few Minecraft-related Discord guilds at the same time.

    This isn't too big an issue, however members of the guild go absolutely crazy every time this happens. The first time, I had someone PM me to let me know they were reporting me to the FBI for "gross negligence" 😂.

  • Sometimes my Mac thinks I only have hearing in my left ear

    Status: resolved

    Every so often my Mac decides to slowly set the sound balance to the far left for all my audio devices. I can usually notice this rather quickly, but it's the most peculiar bug with macOS I have ever encountered.

    Update: A coworker tracked down the cause to this after they experienced the issue as well. It appears to happen when an application uses the macOS API to indicate an incoming call. The issues were occurring due to slack calls, which became significantly more frequent during work from home due to covid-19.

  • The Australian myGov system requires me to make a new account every time I use it

    Status: unresolved

    The Australian government has an online portal for various government services, from healthcare to the tax office. Every time I login, I receive a message that states "You can no longer use this myGov username. To access myGov, create a new account". The myGov support has assured me this is normal, however no one else I have mentioned this to has ever experienced this.

  • A piece of sausage flew out of my air vent

    Status: unknown

    One day while I was using my computer, a piece of sausage flew out of my aircon vent in my apartment. I have no clue how it got there. I have never had any sausage in this apartment as I don't eat meat. There are no entries into the vents that I am aware of as it is isolated to my apartment, and there is a filter in front of the outside unit. I assume the sausage was somewhat fresh as I doubt meat would have lasted very long inside an air vent.

    A few months later a small seed came out of the same air vent. Here is a photo of it if anyone is interested, it was about 7mm in length.

    The seed that flew out of the vent

  • I was hit by a bus

    Status: resolved

    I got hit by a bus

  • I get called random slurs in random situations

    Status: unresolved

    I often get random slurs yelled at me in public, generally homophobic or antisemitic, despite not being or looking Jewish.

    The most odd occurrence of this that I can recall is when I was called a "Honked-off Jew Boy" by a woman who turned a corner and walked into me.

  • I get tonnes of random death threats sent to me

    Status: unresolved

    I get tonnes of random death threats sent to me. I've posted a few of the more humorous ones on Reddit. These are generally from the users of various open source software projects I work on, and almost always entirely unprovoked.

  • I broke my heel and suffered soft tissue injuries in both feet from coughing

    Status: resolved

    During local bushfires, I broke my heel while violently coughing. I was starting to sit up and violently coughed, slamming my feet into the concrete ground. I broke my heel, and suffered soft tissue injuries in both ankles, preventing walking for a month.

    The hospital told me that my bones appeared healthy, it was most likely a matter of hitting the foot at an unlucky angle.

  • I get accidentally spat on in public a lot

    Status: unresolved

    I seem to always get in the way of people spitting in public. Everyone who does it is usually very apologetic about it, but I've had this happen more times than I can remember.

  • Someone harassed me for weeks over a Minecraft mod

    Status: resolved

    Someone requested I make them a Minecraft mod that uses computer vision to detect if a player should be a inmate or guard on their Minecraft Auschwitz Prison server. I refused to create this for obvious reasons, but that seemingly angered them.

    Following this incident, this person made numerous fake Discord accounts and used them to spam various Minecraft related servers calling me various slurs.

  • Minecraft servers keep listing me as their Atlassian contact

    Status: unresolved

    Minecraft server owners keep listing me as their technical contact on their Atlassian accounts. This has happened every few months for the past 2 or so years. Due to the frequency of this, I can only assume Atlassian's copy alongside the field is poorly written.

  • I once ordered a Yiros on UberEats and it was hollow

    Status: resolved

    I once ordered a Yiros with UberEats, and the Yiros arrived hollow. As in, there was no contents. It was just a pita wrap with a little sauce on it, as if the contents had fallen out before they packaged it up for delivery.

    UberEats refunded me for it, but I'm still unsure how this could even have happened, and where the contents ended up.

  • I encountered a witch coven when going for a walk one night

    Status: resolved

    I was going for a walk one night near my parent's place, and came across a witch coven. They were all super nice people, and we had a great chat about it. They called themselves white witches, and basically said it was a no-judgement social outing for most of them. Whilst it was super odd, it was an amazing experience.

  • I saw someone vanish

    Status: unknown

    One night while using an ATM in a locked alleyway I had a passkey for, a man walked up to a locked cupboard across the corridor. After they opened the cupboard, a few large plastic boxes fell out. I quickly turned around due to the noise and saw no one there. The locked cupboard was open, with the boxes all lying there on the floor. Both exits to the corridor were still closed and nowhere they could've gone.

  • Windows permissions broke in High School and I was banned from the computers

    Status: resolved

    During High School, there was a time when the school's network had an issue where Windows user accounts lost permissions to some of their files. After they resolved the issue, my account was still entirely locked out of all files. Due to me being the only one still affected (and the only one super interested in computers), they assumed I was the cause of the problem and banned me from using the computers without strict supervision for 6 months.

  • I got banned on a Minecraft server due to a weird network bug

    Status: resolved

    Shortly after joining a "Potion PvP" server on the Badlion network, I received an automated ban. After appealing it they denied it due to their logs indicating packet spam. After a little while I encountered an issue where packets were being spammed on my test server. After investigating, I found the cause and created a new appeal with the updated information. The ban was then removed.

  • I had to remove comments from my blog due to hate messages

    Status: resolved

    I removed the comment section on my blog after the moderation effort became larger than the benefit of having the comment section. I'd receive frequent homophobic slurs, general insults, death threats, and wishes for Auschwitz to still be operational so that they could put me in it.

  • An apartment I lived in for a year and a half was basically a non-fatal 1408

    Status: resolved

    An apartment that I lived in, in which I encountered hundreds of random issues ranging from inconvenient to potentially dangerous, turned out to be known to the building staff as a cursed apartment. I was the first tenant to stay beyond a few months, as most left after having odd things occur to them in the apartment. I also would have been the first tenant to not break their lease, despite moving out a month before my lease ended after 17 months in the apartment. However, on the day I was moving out a concrete beam fell and destroyed a few pipes, damaging a few apartments. As this led to the apartment being considered unlivable and uninhabitable my lease was broken.

    The frequency of prior tenants moving through the apartment actually explained a major point of confusion I had, as I was receiving mail for at least 40 people despite it being a 6 year old apartment.