How to use WorldEdit with Modded Blocks

Posted on May 09, 2020 in minecraft

Using WorldEdit with blocks added by mods (modded blocks) on versions of Minecraft before 1.13 can be confusing. The ID from the inventory doesn't work, and you can't use the name of the block. Due to the way Forge works, the ID you see in the inventory isn't actually the ID of the block, but there are a few different ways to set blocks from mods easily.

Using the Info Tool

The simplest way to get the real ID of a block added by a mod is to use WorldEdit's info tool. To use the info tool, do the following:

  1. Place the block you want to set
  2. Hold any item in your hand (not a block)
  3. Run the /info command
  4. Right-click the block you placed with the item
  5. The chat will have a message that has both the #id and [data] values

    • If it says #991 and [5], the block's ID is 991:5
  6. Use that ID in the WorldEdit command

    Using the /info tool

Using the clipboard

Sometimes mod blocks have extra data that they require to work. Using the ID isn't good enough in these cases, but there are ways to use the block still.

WorldEdit accepts #clipboard in place of a block ID, allowing you to //copy something and then use that block. This feature is called the Clipboard Pattern.

While this system is for setting intricate patterns or structures, it also works to set mod blocks containing extra data.

To do this, select the block you want to use with the selection wand and run //copy. Then you can use #clipboard in place of block IDs in practically any WorldEdit command.

Using the clipboard pattern


Do note that if you're running a hybrid server that allows both Bukkit plugins and Forge mods, it's necessary to install both the WorldEdit mod and plugin.

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